viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

¿Música de viernes? (sección robada por un día)

Burden in my hand, de Soundgarden
(Chris Cornell, esa Voz, al mando, por supuesto)

Follow me into the desert
As thirsty as you are
Crack a smile and cut your mouth
And drown in alcohol
Couse down below the truth is lying
Beneath the riverbed
So quench yourself and drink the water
That flows below her head

Oh no there she goes
Out in the sunshine the sun is mine

I shot my love today would cry for me
I lost my head again would you lie for me
I left her in the sand just a burden in my hand

I lost my head again would you cry for me

Close your eyes and bow your head
I need a litle simpathy
Cause fear is strong and love's for everyone
Who isn't me
So kill your health and kill yourself
And kill everything you love
And if you live you can fall to pieces
And suffer with my ghost
Just a burden in my hand
Just an anchor on my heart
Just a tumor in my head
And I'm in the dark

(Lo he pensado de repente: si alguna vez me convierto en un psicokiller, ésta será mi banda sonora)

1 comentario:

Alfredo dijo...

Si yo fuera un sychokiller estaría todo el día escuchando a los Mars Volta


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